Time May Flies Fast But it can be Interesting


Its end of October 2010! Time flies fast as we know it… Since the starting of school till now, i been learning lots of things everyday and trying to understand each and everyone around me. Well, people usually say “10 years down the road, what will you be?”.. But lets put it this way “10 days down the road, what can you do?”. *isn’t sound more interesting?*

Time changed, life changed… Within 10 days, of course you can do many things. Few days back, went to school for helping out an event – (Active Ageing) as a photographer. This event was kinda interesting to me because this my first time joining in “the fun” with many senior citizen.

I guess my friend Evan, did enjoy the event too! haha… Glad that those aunties & uncle very friendly, nice chatting with them and one thing i learn from them was that, they stay lively and healthy! *Below are some picture taken during the event*

Last weekend, went out with my cousin! haha If you have follow my twitter, you guys will realise that most of every weekend i do went out with my cousin for some simple lunch, shop, talk and drink (prefer to koi).

Back to school lecture theater! Actually somehow dunno why, i still quite like when it having lecture period. Maybe its because, this the only time whereby you can “slack” in class, doing your own thing (either listening to class or playing). haha… Wonder how my other classmate think about it?

Random picture took in my school

Few days back, Met Thiam You for Kamui movie at Cathay Cineleisure. This movie still not bad but if you are not a Japanese anime fans, i guess you will find it bored.. haha… Anyway, next we proceed to Coffee Toast at Tampines Mall.

First time having my lunch coffee toast and i ordered the Kaya Toast set meal! It came with a plate of Kaya Toast, plate of half boiled egg and ice coffee! My favourite dish of 3! haha… Seriously, if got time, i sure going back there to eat again! Maybe anyone can jio me along if you want to the Coffee Toast located at tampines mall.

Cold memories with warm feeling in it

Its night time.. This is the timing whereby i updated my blog daily. I like to update my blog during night time because it has more ‘feel’ with it come to “typing my memories”. Well, i still do update in day time but mostly was during night time. Alright, lets look forward to Novemeber 2010, hope everything is fine and Stay tune for coming up interesting post too! *smile and cheers to the max!*