Tiffany & Co Celebrates 175 Years As The Jeweler of True Love


The engagement ring as we know it today is the creation of Tiffany & Co., the world’s diamond authority and jeweler of true love. With the introduction of the famous Tiffany® Setting in 1886, founder Charles Lewis Tiffany started a trend that grew into a great tradition.

Previously, diamond rings were set in bezels. But Mr. Tiffany’s ring was designed to highlight the extraordinary beauty of brilliant-cut diamonds. The innovative setting of six platinum prongs lifted the stone off the band and into the light. The combination of stone and setting produces a ring of dazzling charisma, reflecting Tiffany’s reputation for the highest quality diamonds and design excellence.

Over time, more and more couples chose this breathtaking ring as the worthy symbol of their lifelong commitment. To this day, it is the most sought-after symbol of love, with a legacy that has been celebrated in film, art and literature.

The poetry and romance of these great works are wrapped along with the ring in the famous Tiffany Blue Box®. Its presentation signals a magical moment that will linger in memory for a lifetime.