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Trying to make it interesting…

Hello people! So fast, here come thursday…Due to busying working throughout the OT week, sometime i forgot wad the date and days…haha, Alright..i will try to make my post interesting for today…First, some summarize on my daily working life, followed by some random picture and after that, Gonna promote 2 website today! xD

Still under my OT week
As the days goes by, i met new friends but i am still under the OT week! Been working 2 hours of OT everyday including this saturday also at NYP. Everyday, face the different customer but for me, i will nid to keep saying the same sentence once i see new customer buying their fujitsu laptop. So far now, i guess i had speak to more than 800 plus buyer! As for today, the days goes kinda slacking and relaxing…Well, i will update my days working in NYP at one shot this coming week, haha picture taken but haven upload to my com yet! lols…
Recently the weather was so damn HOT!!! i can even do a sun tanning at my work place lor…lols, Morning Sun Shine was nice but when it reach afternoon, it was horror!!! wondering can cook a egg anot…haha…ok le…Since weather so hot, let have some drinks below!

Before i end my post for today, just wanna highligh to everyone there 2 new website which i want to promote today! They been asking me to do an advertorial on it! One is new Blogshop which open by Ryli… Another one is Top Bloggist voting on Boon Ming! *Due to my OT tiring weekday* I will just say a FEW word and let you all to click the link will do! xD

Ryli Blogshop also called as Primary Colours…Very colourful blogshop selling girls dress and etc…Girls interesting please visit
BooNMing, Know him through nuffnang innit…Very Cool Blogger who got into Top 5 in its Y bloggist competition! Recently He make a food post on shokudo review and is really nice! His photography also not bad i guess…haha…Visit this links now to know more information about this competition! Do feel free to vote for him too! haha, i myself voted for him! xD

************************************************************************************Alright, i end here for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! More interesting post coming up soon!
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