The Pros and Cons Of Wallpaper – What You Need to Know Before You Start Painting

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Think about wallpaper before you grab your paintbrush. This is not the exact wallpaper you used to see in your grandmother’s kitchen. Wallpaper can add various colours, patterns, and textures to any space. Before you paint your walls, be aware of the pros and cons of wallpaper.

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Patterned wallpaper can bring new life to a room with solid-colored furniture. You will feel like the whole room has been transformed by patterned wallpaper supplied by Singapore’s wallpaper suppliers.

The Benefits of Wallpaper

Let’s start with the pros of wallpaper, and we will cover the cons also.

The pros and cons of wallpaper use:
● Long-lasting durability – Paint can be retouched or repainted every two to five years, depending on traffic, children, and pets. Wallpaper can be used in a room to provide durability for up to 15 years.

● Cost-effectiveness – Wallpaper vs. Paint is more expensive up front, but its durability will help you save money over the long term.

● Visual appeal – Wallpaper allows for creativity you won’t find in paint unless you hire someone (higher price). Today’s wallpaper can look like faux suede or velvet, vinyl, embossed finishes, and textiles. Wallpaper gives a room a unique level of versatility that you won’t find in paint.

● Wallpaper can transform even the most damaged walls. – A thick, high-quality wallpaper provided by wallpaper company Singapore can transform walls with flaws you don’t want to fix.

● Versatility – Wallpapers for rooms have come a long way since the days of wallpapering. You can place a favourite pattern inside a frame to give your room a fresh take on art. You can save a lot more than buying fine art. It can be easily changed if you need a different look. Using wallpaper behind the shelves, you can also add dimension to your room.

● Simple to clean – Textured Korean wallpaper in Singapore can be easily cleaned with a vacuum, broom, cloth, or wallpaper dough. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean and can be used by families with young children.

● Easy application – Some companies offer temporary wallpapers which can be easily removed and applied.

● Simple removal – Depending on the application, you can remove traditional wallpaper with minimal effort and without wall damage if they are no longer needed. Preparing and priming your walls is essential to facilitate the installation process.

Wallpaper can add personality and style to any room. You can use it to accent a wall, coordinate with paint colours, or cover the entire space. Wallpapers can be purchased in various complementary patterns or solids, allowing you to personalise your wallpaper room decor.

Wallpaper Cons – What You Need to Know Before You Purchase

The cons of wallpaper are next. Making a mistake here can lead to severe problems.

Cons of wallpaper use:
● More expensive – Yes, it is more expensive upfront. Wallpaper can be a cost-saving option you will appreciate over the long term.

● Hard to Remove – We just said that it was simple to remove wallpaper. The job can be tedious, so you will need the right tools. It could be difficult to remove wallpaper from walls that have not been prepared before it is applied. Before you apply wallpaper to your walls, consult a professional wallpaper specialist or interior designer.

● It is challenging to replace – wallpaper patterns that change frequently. A wall that has been damaged and needs to be replaced with wallpaper can become a problem. You can also use dye lots. You might need another wallpaper roll if you have to repair a wall.

● Climate and Humidity – Choose suitable wallpaper for your room. There are now wallpapers that can withstand humidity in humid areas.

● Hard to Install – Wait, we just said that it was simple in the pros of wallpaper. It is possible if you know how to do it. Most people do not. Hanging wallpaper can be a complex art. It isn’t easy to match seams correctly when trying to match wallpaper patterns. An expert wallpaper installer in Singapore can identify the suitable adhesive for your wallpaper type.

● Can make the room look cluttered – The wrong wallpaper pattern can make the room look cluttered or unbalanced. You will need to seek the advice of an interior designer to make the right choice.

● Fumes and Toxicity -Some wallpapers can emit VOC compounds like paint. An excellent choice is an eco-friendly wallpaper.

These are the pros and cons of wallpaper.SWC is a leading wallpaper installer in Singapore. To find out if the wallpaper is suitable for you.