The Internet Times Are A-Changin’


When Bob Dylan sang the words “For the times they are a-changin’”, little did he know how rapidly the world will change.

The Internet is no longer a luxury enjoyed by a privileged few. Rather, it has become a necessity that drives us in our daily lives. Getting hooked up has become far easier with service providers keenly enticing customers with the best they can offer.

But are you still daunted by the myriads of connection options available? Should you go with ADSL, cable or something more? The choice is actually very clear.

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Say hello to real broadband
Before 2010 came (and went), the local Internet surfers were generally separated into two camps: ADSL users vs cable users. The two connection options have been dominating the Internet highways for over a decade since the late ‘90s.

Ranging from promised speeds of 5 Mbits/s 50 Mbits/s (but more often, much slower than that due to bandwidth caps and network congestion), things were going adequately well until users’ appetites for bandwidth grew exponentially.

In the recent OpenNet Fibre Index survey (, 87% of respondents confessed that they used the Internet daily. What this really means is that having your daily Internet fix has become as common and necessary as your morning kopi-o.

This shift to constant connectivity has created a tendency to multi task across various devices while transforming how we connect with people and perform our tasks. It has also created a need for a reliable and fast Internet connection for which Fibre Optic is the solution.

Hailed as the ultra-broadband era, it was soon bye-bye to fuzzy Internet experiences and hello to faster, smoother and more stable connections.

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There’s no longer any excuse to be away from computer while waiting for downloads.

So what would all that speed be good for?
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Out with the old; In with the new
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For years, gamers have been constantly looking for a game changer (pun intended). Be it a console or a desktop game, gamers will understand that the difference between victory and defeat is calculated in mere seconds and a smashed keyboard.

As electronic gaming technology advances, so has bandwidth requirements increased. The graphically rich games of today increasingly require more than just a mundane ADSL or cable broadband connection. Like this guy (pictured), you need a real Internet connection like fibre broadband.

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But speed isn’t just for gamers. With cloud based services and virtualisation a main staple in today’s work environment, who can imagine work life without the ease of Dropbox, Google Docs or even VOIP communication through Skype?
Lightning fast Internet has also turned many aspiring social media celebrities into passionate web curators who constantly create digital content and share them online.
Before fibre or even broadband Internet became readily available, most of us would have balked at the thought of uploading videos or hundreds of images. Fast forward a decade – what used to take us hours now requires mere minutes instead.

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Children these days have also come onboard to ride on the Internet connectivity because they are expected to complete their school assignments online. It has become a common activity amidst their school curriculum.
What happens if you need to do your work and your kids need to go online to complete their assignments all at the same time? Having to share Internet bandwidth could result in an ugly tussle among family members in the past, but today with fibre, everyone in the family can go online at the same time with minimal compromise to the Internet speed and no frustrations experienced.

Fibre is good for you, and not just because the doctor said so

The Fibre Index Survey commissioned by OpenNet showed an uptrend of user satisfaction with fibre broadband connectivity in Singapore. Mr Mark Blake, CEO of OpenNet mentioned that demand for optical fibre broadband connections are ever-growing with seasonal spikes from local IT shows.. Fibre service subscription has increased to over 400,000 as of July 2013.

“…we found a greater satisfaction with Fibre services among existing customers and an increasing demand for hassle-free online experiences among non-fibre users”, Mr Mark Blake, CEO, OpenNet.

So just as Bob Dylan prophesied, “the times they are a-changin’”, and so has the Internet. If you have not hopped on to the ultra-fast Internet bandwagon yet, be sure to check out the various fibre broadband packages offered by your preferred Internet Service Providers today!

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