Take your WFH experience to the next level with ErgoTune Supreme Chair

ErgoTune Supreme Chair

ErgoTune Supreme Chair

Do you often feel neck pain or backaches after sitting in front of the computer for long? I have been working from home ever since the COVID-19 period. I often felt a neck strain after spending hours seated at my desk. Partly because the chair was old, and my sitting posture is not comfortable. Understand that it is difficult to find a desire chair that customise the length of your body. Well, in this article, I am going to share with you a good deal with you and your family.


Recently I got introduced to ErgoTune, a local brand of hyper-adjustable ergonomic office chairs. ErgoTune was created because they were so frustrated with existing chairs in the market. Somehow it is true! In the market, most of the customisable chair comes with a high price. However, I am glad that ErgoTune didn’t mark up the price. In fact, they produce ergonomic office chairs to give their consumer the most comfortable feeling at work.

I am in love with the chair design because it is fully adjustable from head to toe. You know why this is important? Because a chair that fits you properly will automatically be comfortable. Plus, it also fitted with a unique mesh hybrid that will wick sweat away quickly in Singapore’s climate.

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What is so special about the ErgoTune Supreme?

It is built to be fully adjustable across 11 points of adjustment along with the following unique features:

1. Backrest itself is height-adjustable (lets any person of any height adjust it so that their lower back is fully supported)

a. ATLAS™ (Auto-Tuning Lumbar Area Support): Supports your back fully no matter how far back you recline because it moves in sync with you.

2. TriTune™ headrest: Headrest that is adjustable across 3 dimensions (height, depth, and a 60° tilt angle)

3. TrueTilt™ precision recline controls: Lets you adjust the angle of recline across 136° and recline tension (resistance you feel when leaning back) across 4 levels.

4. GyroBrace™ 5D armrest: Freely rotatable and height-adjustable armrest, allowing you to shift it to the perfect position no matter what activity you’re performing

5. Seat depth can be adjusted (to ensure that users always sit straight and plant their feet firmly on the ground)

6. Seat height can be adjusted – the gas lifts used are Class IV-certified (can support up to 250kg)

7. DuraWeave™ hybrid-mesh upholstery is traditionally weaved in Germany and made from a 2:1 blend of fabric and polyester. It’s strong, incredibly breathable, and comfortable.

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My verdict:

ErgoTune Supreme Chair has critically solved my neck aches issue ever since I started using it. I am able to adjust the height of the chair according to my body length which helps to improve my sitting posture. Overall, because of how ErgoTune supports my body all day, I can sit comfortably for hours while working from home. Totally worth buying and it has 12 years extended warranty! ErgoTune Supreme chair comes with two distinct colours – Charcoal Black and Coral Red and it is suitable for business and leisure.

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For more information about ErgoTune chairs, please visit: https://ergotune.com