Taiwanese Hsieh Chien-Ho Wins the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014


More than 15,500 women spent their Sunday morning at the Great Eastern Women’s Run. The Guest-of-Honour was Ms Grace Fu, Minister, Prime Minister’s Officer, Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, who participated in the 5km Live Great! Fun Run.

Hsieh Chien-Ho from Taiwan won the Elite Open Category at the Great Eastern Women’s Run this year.

Hsieh was the first to cross the finish line at this year’s Run with a timing of 1:22:17 followed by Mary Grace Delos Santos from Philippines in second place with a timing of 1:24:21 and her compatriot Christabel Martes in third place with a timing of 1:25:32.

Table of Results of Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014

Elite Closed Category:
1st: Hsieh Chien-Ho, Taiwan, 1:22:17
2nd: Mary Grace Delos Santos, Philippines, 1:24:21
3rd: Christabel Martes, Philippines, 1:25:32
4th: Kancchi Maya Koju, Nepal, 1:27:15
5th: Krishnaswori Sintakal, Nepal, 1:34:20

Singapore Elite Closed Category:
1st: Mok Ying Rong, 1:28:48
2nd: Rachel See, 1:29:12
3rd: Neo Jie Shi, 1:31:32
4th: Lim Baoying, 1:34:25
5th: Yvonne Lin Cuiwen, 1:37:03
6th: Anne Qihui, 1:38:41
7th: Jasmine Goh, 1:40:37
8th: Ong Kaifen, 1:41:37
9th: Chen Zhilei, 1:44:25
10th: Renuka Satianathan, 1:45:10

Photo Credits: Mark Teo
Great Eastern Women’s Run