T-ara Roly Poly in Copacabana Music Video


Hi to all T-ara Fans! Woohoo! I believe you guys had watched the original “Roly Poly” music video by now. Today, Loen Entertainment has unveiled the second version of Roly Poly called as “Roly Poly in Copacabana”!

Roly Poly in Copacabana came in a slight modification of its music and dance and it gave me a light and freestyle feeling of this song. From this music video, it started off with simple olden days of school life and slowly, it show the girls dancing the Roly Poly dance choreography with the music along.

The modification of Roly Poly dance give people a different look of T-ara in this music video and all I can say, it was catchy and creative. Well, without further describing, let’s check out the music video below here!