5D4N Taiwan Trip: Surreal landscape at the Beitou Thermal Valley (地熱谷) Hot Springs


Let’s continue to explore the attraction landscapes in Taiwan. Welcome to the northern side of Taipei, we took a train from Nanjing Fuxing and arrived at the Xinbeitou Station and make our way to visit the Xinbeitou Hot Springs (新北投温泉区) and the Beitou Thermal Valley (地熱谷), a spectacular hot springs area where you feel warm and surreal.

The Xinbeitou Hot Spring zone and Thermal Valley are the tourist attraction places in Taipei and both are located about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance away from the Xinbeitou station.  We followed the guide map provided on the street and arrived at the Beitou Thermal Valley (地熱谷), aka also well-known as Hell Valley.

Information Map to Beitou Thermal Valley

There is no entrance fee require to visit the Beitou Thermal Valley, it opens from 9am to 5pm daily and closed on every Monday.

Photo opportunity with my friend at the Beitou Thermal Valley (地熱谷)

Likewise, visitors or couples can enjoy watching the water bubble and the steamy mists along the thermal valley park. Do note that, if you accidentally drop into the thermal valley, you are probably 99% dead, because the water at the Thermal Valley are at a constant temperature near 100 degree Celsius.

Surreal moment
Beautiful rainbow welcome the kids along the path of Thermal Valley
Warning sign to all visitors!
OOTD at the Thermal Valley (地熱谷)

My friend and I had a surreal afternoon at the Beitou Thermal Valley. Hence, all visitors in Beitou are encouraged to visit the Beitou Hot Springs Museum (北投温泉博物馆) to learn more about the hot springs history and cultures nestled in Xinbeitou. Admission is free!

We call it a day at Xinbeitou (新北投)!
Direction to the Beitou Thermal Valley (地熱谷)