Superband Reunion: Lucify Concert Showcase


Hi Readers! Do you guys still remember some way back in the year of 2006 where Mediacorp Channel U held the Superband competition? If yes, you guys definitely still remember the Lucify team, the J-Rock influenced rock band with awesome electric music!

This year, with a good start of reunion all the Superband group back on stage, Lucify will be the first team debut and to perform their J-Rock music at the Dragonfly this Sunday (28th August 2011)! Thus, here you stand to attend their showcase and listen their ROCK band music LIVE as well as Jump along to the song.

About Lucify:

Formed in the early Japanese Summer Festival of 2005, Lucify arise from the underground scene to popular local TV programme, Channel U .. Superband and came in as the Top 4 Finalists (2nd Runner Up).

Apart from releasing recording albums with Warner Music, the band performed in major events and venues like the Singapore Indoor Stadium and staged along with popular overseas artistes such as Energy, Mayday, Beyond, Jolin Tsai, Zhang Zhen Yue, Tank, Milk and Lee Sheng Jie etc.

Soon after, it came to a halt when the band took rest and concentrated on each individual’s musical endeavors.

Their comeback drew in tremendous crowds, fans and supporters still standing strong and their

popularity had reached out to the masses, crowding events that formed long lines to meet the band. The independent band proved their charm to be significantly stronger and have marked an established presence on both stage and media.

Lucify meaning “Dawn Bringing” in Greek as the band continues to evolve, and now they are back on stage again for the REUNION Concert!

Well, if you are interested in this coming Sunday Lucify Concert Showcase, feel free to purchase their tickets and ask all your friends to join along this rock concert too! Have a fun weekend to everyone! *Smiles*

Below here are the ticketing and event detail:

Date: Sunday, 28 August 2011

Time: 6.30pm to 8pm

Venue: Dragonfly at St James Power Station

Ticketing Info: $25 (Includes 1 drink)

Book your tickets by calling 67771672 or Email to

For more information, do visit the Red Planet Facebook Page