Still An Enjoyable Holiday Weekend


As days goes by, here come my holiday week 4 and i been heading out for things such as movie screening, meeting friends, bleah bleah bleah and so on… haha overall, it was quite enjoyable during my holiday week.

Yesterday, met Daniel accompany him to watch Singapore F1 2010 at the F1 village. Its awesome as i watched last year. Voom Voom sound for dunno how many X time until my ears very shiok!! hahaha… Tomorrow Singapore grand prix final, anyone going? haha… Prepare to get deaf! 😀

If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that recently, i been keep tweeting about design a ‘thing’. Yeah, something quite unique and [S]pecial? Its for someone birthday coming… hahaha Guess who? 😛 …The Hint will not reveal too much, if not later no [S]urprise… hehe *To those people who know the design please don’t tag in the chat box* Thank you very much!

Will be attending an event tmr. Stay tune for my blog mass update! hahaha… Once picture edited, i will blog it out. Meanwhile, check out my GAN JIONG blog post! Have a nice weekend ahead to everyone here.