Step by Step Guide to use the Tax Refund e-Service in Taiwan

Tax Refund in taiwan


Tax Refund e-Service

It has been awhile since my last visit to Taiwan and I am glad that they are now having a new Tax Refund service. Have you ever thought of receiving a small amount of tax refund right after you paid at the shopping mall? Introducing the new Tax Refund e-Service where you can claim your tax refunds in a fast and convenient way. This service is exclusively only for foreign travellers in Taiwan. You can simply claim your tax refund by cash (new Taiwan dollars), credit card and traveller’s check of your choice. With this system, it brings the tax refund reimbursement service to a whole new level.

Do you have a plan to visit Taiwan for your holidays? Here are the guides to get you familiarised with the Tax Refund e-Service. Let’s take a look at the 3 different Tax Refund Labels:

1. Take note of the [Tax Refund Label] when you are in Taiwan

When you are in Taiwan, do take note of the tax refund service label! It is important because it allows you to apply tax refunds upon spending an accumulated of NT$2000 in a single designated store.

Tax Refund Label in Taiwan

2. On-site small-amount Tax Refunds Label

Have you ever encountered a moment whereby you have not enough cash to spend while travelling? Not to worry if you are travelling in Taiwan! You just have to simply look out for this label with [on-site small-amount tax refund] pasted either inside or outside of the store.

On-site Tax Refunds Label

How does this work?

As long as you had spent between NT$2,000 and NT$48,000 (tax inclusive) at the same store, you are eligible to apply for the on-site small-amount tax refund. You will need to present your original passport and your tax refund will immediately reimburse to you in new Taiwan dollars.

3. Designated Counter Tax Refund Service is right beside you

Next, introducing you the designated counter which is available at 4 shopping malls; Taipei 101, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store A8, SOGO Department Store Zhongxiao and Hanshin Department Store in Kaohsiung. The designated counter allows you to directly apply for tax refund and claim them in new Taiwan dollars. It is not restricted to your purchase made in the four shopping malls and to the upper limit of small-amount tax refunds.

Designated Counter Tax Refund Service

4 things you need to bring to the designated counter for Tax Refunds Service:

– An original passport
– Application form for VAT refunds
– Uniform invoices or e-invoices
– Credit card

Tax Refunds

Do note that you have to make a security deposit payment in advance with your credit card! Remember to visit an e-VAT refund machine or tax refund service counter at the airport or port for verification prior to your departure and request the cancellation of the security deposit.

For any enquiries, you ask the service staff at the tax refund counter or call 0800-880-288.
For more information, please visit

4. Convenient and Easy-to-Use e-VAT Refund Machines

Have you seen the e-VAT Refund Machines in Taiwan? This is another option for you to claim your tax refunds located at Taiwan’s airports and other harbours. The e-VAT Refund
Machine is easy to operate, and it comes with 8 languages available for you to choose. By
using the e-VAT Refund Machine, it helps you in saving up lots of time for manual
verification. However, do note that you still need your original passport and the application
for VAT Refunds.

e-VAT Refund Machines

You can find the tax refund service counter and e-VAT Refund Machines next to the in-town
check-in counter at Taoyuan Airport MRT Taipei Main Station (A1). This service is only
provided for the total purchase amount of NT$48,000 or less. If you exceeded the amount,
you will still have to apply through the tax refund service counter at the airport.

5. Exchange Tax Refunds into Singapore Dollars before Returning Home

Yay! I am glad that the Foreign currency exchange counters are conveniently located at most of the Taiwan airports and harbours. It allows me to exchange my tax refund in new Taiwan dollars directly to Singapore dollars before returning home.

tax refund counters in Taiwan

That’s it! I hope those little guides above will
help you in using the Tax Refund e-Services!

Have a fun and comfortable trip in Taiwan!

Do check out the Tax Refund video guide for foreign passengers