StarHub TV: Lady First (女人我最大) Singapore Season 2

Lady First Singapore Season 2 will be back on StarHub TV after its preceding success of season one, viewership was over three times higher than the previous programme in the same time-belt. The well-loved Singapore’s version of Taiwanese beauty and lifestyle magazine show, Lady First will premiere on 3 June 2014.  For season two, Non-Mandarin speaking audience can also get to enjoy season two with English subtitles for the first time!

Hpility SG was being invited to the Media Conference Lady First – Singapore.
Host of the day – Lin Pei Fen from Y.E.S. 93.3FM

The collaboration among StarHub, Hong Kong TVBI and its Taiwanese arm TVBS will see the return of straight-talking host Pauline Lan(蓝心湄) as the anchor. A new skincare expert, Liu Yan (柳燕) who is also the resident guru of Lady First Taiwan, will join the original line-up of Taiwanese resident glamour gurus, comprising Kevin Chou, Wu Yi Lin(吴依霖) and Xiao Kai (小凯).

Veteran Host, Pauline Lan
Pauline Lan together with skincare expert Liu Yan, who will join the original line-up of Taiwan gurus

Singapore’s top gurus Bryan Gan and Keith Png will return as the skincare and style whiz respectively with new member – award-winning celebrity hairstylist Dexter Ng who has styled local and regional celebrities like Stefanie Sun. Christy Chung and Gong Li and fitness instructor Jackson Tan(陈侠中), a personal trainer to many local celebrities, to provide the expert advice with local context.

Fom Left to Right: Bryan Gan, Keith Png, Dexter Ng, Jackson Tan, Liu Yan, Pauline Lan, Lim Pei Fen

Homegrown singer Kelly Poon (潘嘉丽)will continue to lead the Ladies’ Team, with six new faces – local artistes: Charlyn Lin Cuifang(林翠芳), Lina Ng (黄嫊芳), Constance Song (宋怡霏), Yang Li Bing (杨莉冰), popular beauty blogger Hayley Woo (胡佳嬑) and Eurasian  starlet Rebecca Spykerman, joining the local personalities from the inaugural Ladies’ Team, such as Candyce Toh (杜惠甹), Cheryl Wee(黃馨慧) and Silver Ang(洪子惠). The Ladies’ Team will continue to explore beauty and fashion topics close to the hearts of Singaporean women.

adies’ Team Leader, Kelly Poon together with the 6 new faces – Rebecca Spykerman, Hayley Woo, Charlyn Lin Cuifang, Lina Ng, Constance Song, Yang Li Bing and Veteran Host, Pauline Lan

local personalities from the inaugural Ladies’ Team: Cheryl Wee, Kanny Theng, Kelly Poon, Winnie Lee (aka Vee), Silver Ang, Candyce Toh and Celyn Liew.

On the other hand, in protest of last year’s remarks made by Pauline that Singaporean guys are dressed sloppily and oily, Darren Tan will be leading a Men’s Team to make their appearance in 2 special male-centric episodes.

Daren Tan leading 4 hunks up on stage in protest to Pauline’s remarks that Singapore men are oily.

Lady First – Singapore will premiere on E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) on 3 June 2014, every Tuesday at 8pm.  It will also be available onStarHub TV Anywhere via where viewers can access to the programme at anywhere, anytime.

Kelly Poon

Cheryl Wee

Lady First – Singapore’s stylist and host together with the sponsors. 

Viewers can expect regular and ‘live’ updates, as well as participate in weekly contests across the various social media platforms like, StarHub Entertainment Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Besides, all Lady First – Singapore trailers and videos will be available on StarHub’s dedicated YouTube Channel.  Viewers can also share thoughts on Twitter via #ladyfirstsg or congregate at the dedicated discussion forum, StarHub Community via for topics related to beauty and fashion.

Viewers can also look forward to increased interactivity, in addition to accessing real-time product reviews, cast details and highlights of the show on its second screen StarHub TV Buddy, and also vote for their favourite stylist or lady from the Ladies’ Team.  Polls on topics like, “the most effective slimming tip” will be conducted amongst users where results are tabulated and made known to users instantly.

Brands of featured products on Lady First – Singapore will be masked to present unbiased tips and recommendations by stylist, however, viewers can visit its microsite at by May, or via StarHub TV Buddy to find out more.

Viewers can look forward to 13 brand new topics customized for the ladies and men in Singapore as followed:

  1. Slim Down! Shape Up!
  2. Hairy Nightmares
  3. The Male Revolution
  4. The Korean Wave
  5. Hairstyles that make men go Ooh la la
  6. SOS Quick Fix
  7. Online Shopaholics Unite!
  8. Thigh-tanic
  9. Tropical Winter Fashion
  10. Cover Up!
  11. Bags Attack
  12. Forever Young
  13. Queen of Elegance

Photographed By: Derrick See 
from Note Passion Photography