Soothing Scalp Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Haji Lane


My monthly affair back at the 99 Percent Hair Studio located at the Haji Lane outlet, and this time round I went for my hair cut and scalp treatment before the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Hair loss in general may cause by many reasons such as physical and emotional stress, nutritional insufficiency, dirty scalp, lack of protein and overstyling. As going through the scanning process using the scalp scanner, I was told that my scalps were found reddish. In result, it causes my scalp itchy and hair lacking of nutrition and if worst, hair loss.

Here was my scan result… Pretty bad I guess…

Thank you my hair stylist, Katherine for the professional hair care advices. After the scan result, I got introduced to the scalp mask which helps in rebalancing of oil levels on my scalp. Well, here are the steps that I went though for my scalp treatment:

Firstly, apply the cleansing gel to soften and remove the first layer of the dirty scalp (meaning unwashed). Followed by, wash it with the treatment scalp shampoo.

Next, applying a balance scalp mask to help in rebalancing of oil levels and wait for 15 minutes. Next, rinse off and then apply an energy serum for the scalp which helps to replenish nutrients and this process helps in my hair growth too.

My scalp treatment took about 1.5 hours to complete. It was a relaxing and rejuvenating process and I felt that it was absolutely effective. Once again, thank you Katherine from 99 Percent Hair Studio for taking good care of my hair.

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