Sogurt at Serangoon NEX


Hi readers! If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that few days back i been tweeting about Sogurt which i visited at NEX outlet with my cousin. Today blog post will be sharing the Sogurt which i eaten last Sunday.

What to eat during warm weather? Ice cream? Yogurt? how about trying Sogurt! A low-fat frozen yogurt which contain high in calcium and comes in different type of 8 flavours and also features more than 40 toppings for you to eat with.

Simple and sweet Sogurt environment crowded with full of people regardless any age. A good place to chill out with either friend or group of friends while having their nice yogurt.

You can easily make your own ice cream yogurt by using those machine… Choose the size of cup you want, choose your favourite flavours and make it! You may add the addition of topping into your cup of yogurt too.

The payment will go by how many gram you put on for your yogurt. 100 gram is equal to $3. Therefore, the more you “press” out from the machine, the more you’ll have to pay! =)

Yup! Me and my cousin did make few cups of ice cream yogurt too. Attractive colour with nice flavour, like the soft texture of these ice cream yogurt, the sweet taste was just nice and It’s healthy for everyone to consume.

Here my cousin with 3 sogurt…

Foodlicious Moments Episode 7 End Here… New year is coming in few days time.. My last blog post in year 2010 will be coming out soon! Stay Tune people! Because its last week, that’s why everything is special. *Smile*