Social Media ‘F’ ‘T’ ‘B’ Art Paint Design


I painted this artwork design few weeks back and it always remind me that I’m using this three social media tools everyday. One “F” one “T” one “B”, that’s my daily life. Oh wait… you guys should be asking what the are letters “F”, “T” and “B” stand for…?

Well, it actually means ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Blogger’, is just as simple as you think. I check and update my Facebook, Twitter and Blog daily! Don’t waste the social media tool provided online.

In detail explanation, I often use this tool to check out the latest news in life and update the latest word which i want to say. Likewise, blog help me to write out the latest feeling which I want to express in. Let’s make life interesting with ‘F’, ‘T’, and ‘B’.