Don’t let the past steal your present


Photo taken at Singapore Fullerton Hotel

Hi readers! It’s Sunday weekend, a weekend with family. If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that yesterday i tweeted about ‘craving for steamboat dinner’. haha.. So, today i will be having my steamboat dinner at bugis with my cousin family! *Yay* haha long time didn’t eat steamboat already, hope it turn well tonight.

Get ready to see my 1000th blog post, currently still editing in progress and will be publish once this blog reached it’s 1000th post. Stay tune for coming up event, movie and food post too.. Do remember, some post had scheduled in advance, check it out soon. *Smile*


  1. Yvonne: hahaha yeah title meaningful! Did enjoy my today with my family just now for the steamboat dinner! It's great after all =D

    Hope you have enjoy your sunday too ^^