Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 Press Conference


Skechers Sundown Festival, an iconic music festival is back again to bring Asian artistes and fans onto one singular platform, celebrating and bridging the diverse Asian culture through music and food. This year, the festival will be featuring artistes from 11 countries.

Apart from getting to enjoy music from the various countries, fans also get to relish popular street food from the different Asian countries at the food stalls set-up on the festival grounds.

Hpility SG attended the Skechers Sundown Festival Media Conference with majority of the line up artistes making their appearance at the conference.  The artistes are asked to autographed on the Skechers Sundown Festival T-Shirts and these will be available for sale.

Shigga Shay from Singapore
Cross Gene from Korea
Weaver from Japan

Weaver shared that their purpose of studying in London, is not just to pick up English, but also to learn about the music and culture in the Great Britain.

Regina Lin from China

A popular DJ based in Guangzhou, Regina Lin is well versed in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.  She also do hostings for shows as well.

S.O.S. from Indonesia
Kanika Kapoor from India

It is hard to believe that this elegant lady (Kanika Kapoor) is a mother of three!

Big Ass from Thailand

Pupil from Philippines
Kate Tsui from Hong Kong

For a moment, the temperature in the conference room raise too high the moment Kate Tsui stepped in.

Olivia Ong from Singapore
Chang Chen Yue from Taiwan 

With rumour that “I Am Ayal Komod” may be the last album of Chang Chen Yue, he shared that he may be looking to become an independent artistes, sharing his music on the internet instead. 

The Programme Line-Up for the Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 as below:

Other performing artistes include:
Singapore  – Jeremy Teng 丁文淞
Malaysia – Shila Amazh
Thailand – BIG ASS
Taiwan – James Yang

Wanna catch them live?  Head down to the Skechers Sundown Festival @ Marina Promenade!

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014
CAT 1 : $138 | CAT 2 : $118
Date : 22.NOV.2014
Venue : Marina Promenade, F1 Pit Area
   (Next to Singapore Flyer)
Time : 4:00PM – 11:00PM

Tickets available here.