Singtel reconnect you with your family in this Christmas season

Singtel Christmas Video

This holiday season, Singtel reconnect you with your family through their latest Christmas video. From social networking to online shopping and video streaming, digital devices have become a big part of Singaporean life. This heart-warming Christmas video reminds us not to let our digital devices get in the way of enjoying the company of our loved ones.

Singtel Ah Ma’s Christmas

Titled “Ah Ma’s Christmas”

The short film tells a story of a grandmother who goes about Christmas preparations. She is virtually alone as her family members are caught up in their own lives and preoccupied with their mobile devices.

singtel christmas video

She chances upon an unused phone and resolves to get connected with her family. Little does she count on a video recording of herself on Christmas Eve inadvertently finding its way back to the family; triggering the final scene where the family learns to lay down their devices and reconnect with grandma.

Check out the “Ah Ma’s Christmas” video by Singtel here:

Ah Ma’s Christmas

It’s Christmas time. What does Ah Ma want for Christmas and will her dreams come true?

Singtelさんの投稿 2017年12月7日(木)

The “Ah Ma’s Christmas” short film is produced by creative agency BBH and directed by award-winning filmmaker K. Rajagopal. Audiences can view the Christmas video on Singtel TV from 8 to 30 December 2017.