Best Deal in Town: Singapore POPEYES DAY is back on 29th April 2012


Are you a POPEYES Lover? If Yes! This is it! Last evening, I had a great Popeyes Bonafide Chicken tasting at the Popeyes Orchard Xchange, featuring their latest flavourful, fresh and tender chicken breast meat and also other side dishes such as cheese fries, bread biscuit, coleslaw salad, mash potato.

The way of making this Popeyes Bonafide fried chicken is that they used the fresh chicken meat marinated for 12 hours in authentic louisiana herbs and spices, hand battered and breaded in a unique crispy coating and fried up fresh. In addition, each batch of chicken is made fresh, and not allowed to stand for more half an hour.

Woohoo! Good news to all POPEYES Lover here! The best deal in town – The Popeyes Day (POPEYES 5 chicken day) is back this year! All POPEYES Chicken fans are welcome to participate in this special POPEYES Day on the 29th April 2012 (Sunday). On this day, 5 pieces of flavourful Popeye’s Bonafide Chicken will be sell at $5.90 (usual price $14/-), with that you can save up to $8.10! *Awesome!*

What you waiting for? Well, to know more information about the POPEYES DAY as well as the Popeyes Bonafide fried chicken, do visit their POPEYES Singapore facebook! Hope you people have a wonderful meal with POPEYES.