Singapore JewelFest 2011: Launch of Forevermark Millemoi Collection


Last Friday, was invited to the Singapore Jewel Fest 2011 the launch of Forevermark Millemoi Collection located at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. It was a pretty interesting and eye sparkling private event whereby the highlight top featured of Lee Hwa Jewellery showcase include the launch of Forevermark Millemoi collection in Singapore.

Forevermark Millemoi™ collection features jewellery pieces with hoops, bands, fringes and tassels, all representing the many unique depths and layers of a modern woman. They are connected and intertwined, presenting a wealth of experience, memories and emotions. And holding them all together is a beautiful Forevermark diamond, representing the unique sparkle inherent in each woman.

I admired each and every unique creativity design of its Jewellery and Forevermark really did it’s very own “One-of-a-kind” showcase for the red carpet collection. Especially when those Jewellery are not for sale and mainly they are designed for celebrities at international events.

Likewise, Lee Hwa Jewellery has also created six statement-making showpieces, each celebrating a specific feminine aptitude that has contributed to a woman’s success in the big city. Those six featured showpieces are Desiree, Tentadora, Energia, aguila, En Vogue and Sereine.


A splendid masterpiece on its own, Tentadora radiates seduction through its liberal use of Purple Gold™ in conjunction with diamond-encrusted white gold, adding brilliance to the silhouette of the neckline. Accentuating the sensuality of an urban woman with its eye-catching layered design, this strong work of art is the epitome of her determination to charm, tempt and captivate.

Limited edition Spring Flowers Egg by Alfaberge

Legendary artist-jeweller Carl Fabergé was appointed by the Russian Tsar in 1885 to create bejewelled Easter eggs to be presented to the Russian Empress every Easter. Today, these Imperial Easter Eggs are world-renowned.

Twelve of these eggs from the famous Forbes Collection were bought by oil magnate Viktor Vekselberg for US$160 million in 2004, and are today exhibited at the Hermitage (Winter Palace in St Petersburg) and other well-known museums around the world.

Miniature Egg Charm collection by Alfaberge

Besides the limited edition Spring Flowers Egg, Lee Hwa will also offer a special sneak preview of the miniature egg charm collection by Alfaberge at Singapore JewelFest 2011. An artistic tour de force, each miniature egg charm – decorated in 24k gold with enamel – enthrals with its ravishing refinement and whimsical design, bringing sophistication to a new level. The collection retails from $398 for each delicate piece.


Set in gleaming white gold and matched with carefully positioned brilliant diamonds, the attention-grabbing Desirée is an understated homage to high glamour. Designed with the grace of a woman in mind, the delicate and finely crafted necklace, with a girly knot on the side, is perfect for any red carpet ensemble – elegant and utterly shimmering.


The final of the six masterpieces is Sereine, fashioned in white gold and complemented with sparkling diamonds and the calming qualities of blue sapphire. Sereine casts the spotlight on the sapphire‟s mythical qualities – said to soothe, heal and energise. The result is a pleasurable, relaxed yet intricate creation – a perfect reflection of the tranquillity and quiet confidence of a woman in control.

Woot! Below this picture was the main highlight of the “three one-of-a-kind show pieces from its breathtaking Forevermark Millemoi” from Forevermark Millemoi showcase. The total of diamonds carats consist of over 31 carats on the diamond headpiece, 30 carats on the Necklace and 5 carats on the Chandelier Earrings.

Three one-of-a-kind Forevermark Millemoi

It was great that privilege always given at media launch, two of my lucky friends – Eleanor and Priscilla managed to try on the “three one-of-a-kind Forevermark Millemoi”! Check out their pictures below here, it was their glamorous moment sparkle with Forevermark Final.

The Purple Gold look interesting to me

Well, I would say that more design variety and more unique diamonds Jewellery is showcase this year. If you are interested to know or to see more about diamond Jewellery, do visit the Singapore JewelFest 2011 at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

It’s free admission and the exhibition is available starting from NOW (14th October) till 23rd October 2011. Hope you guys have fun visiting! Don’t miss out the sparking Jewellery show!!