Singapore is the Place To Meet Up


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! First week of my holiday just past and guess what? i had enjoyed it! haha… If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that saturday (11/09), i went down to my grandma house for lunch and met my cousin to town for shopping.

After a month, i am back to orchard again to check out some cool stuff. Yess! Singapore 2010 F1 race is coming in 2 week time and orchard places is now having a sale on F1 merchandise. haha, Singapore was a happening country! F1 race is going to make Singapore Road hot to the max ever!

My cousin was one of the crazy F1 fans and he planning to buy the T-shirt and lanyard from the F1 merchandise store. *not cheap leh* xD i saw one set of watch cost nearly $13k SGD!

As time goes by, me and my cousin walked down to plaza sing and we saw some science event happening there. Likewise, my cousin’s friends was involved in this event and we went over to take a look at it.

Time around 6pm, i headed down to cityhall to wait for few bloggers! haha yes! My blogger friend, Henry, from Malaysia had visited Singapore this time round and we decided to meet up. There are total of 7 of us including Me, Henry, Yingzi, Josh, Jan, Kevin, Ming and we had our dinner at Astons suntec city.

Janessa and Kevin

Check out those mini cute purple macaroons make by blogger Janessa! It taste great! Yummy yummy! haha… After dinner, we went over to see some dance competition and chat awhile before i call it a day.