Singapore Botanic Gardens


Hey people! Is saturday! which mean that my holiday left with one day…Oh no..Time past really that fast, my 2 month holiday just gone with a blink on it…現在想想還有點懷戀..haha…After tmr, school reopen…gonna step into a new environment again, learning and knowing new things in studies. Haha hope everything goes smooth for this coming week. 希望一切順順利利…

Yesterday, was invited to a food tasting event at Botany Centre located at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Quite a number of bloggers attended too and those foods i eaten yesterday was very delicious. haha

Our first time visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens and this Picture taken by Yong Wei…Quite a good angle showing *we are not Singaporean* but great to say that we didn’t get lost and manage to get there…hahaha…Stay tune for my coming up blog post! ^^ *Be prepare to get hungry* 😛