Singapore Blog Awards 2011 Ceremony


Hi Readers! Welcome back to my blog! Woot! If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that last Saturday was the most happening for bloggers! Yes!! It’s Singapore Blog Awards 2011 Ceremony held at Shanghai Dolly. This was my first time stepping into shanghai dolly and I attended this grand and fun ceremony with my group of good friends and buddy.

Janet and Wei ding in-charge of registration booth

This year, more bloggers were invited to attend the ceremony, although the underage bloggers couldn’t make it for this event but overall, it still crowded with full of potential bloggers. *Long queue at the registration booth*

Guest of Honor – Minister Chan Chun Sing

Cheers for friendships and winning nominees!

Among our friends itself, we mingles at one corner, chatting and sharing our blogs with one another, having some foods and drinks been served as well as taking photos at the event. Handsome and Gorgeous people were walking around the places and guess what! As the theme of historical, some historical characters have show up their exclusive talent at the #SBA2011 ceremony too.

Picture with Darren Tan! Thanks for his nice photos as well as William Tan too!

Picture with Sze Ping!

Picture with Shu Qing and Jessie!

Here is it! Daddy blogger’s Andy Lee!

Picture with Nabil

Here is Kadon

Picture with Walter! Reading his blog can help you improve knowledge! ๐Ÿ™‚

Picture with Geck Geck!

Picture with Samantha

Picture with Silver Ang!

Picture with William and Claressa! *very historical ar! Hahaha*

Mint Leong dressed up as Liang Po Po! The most historical dress of the day! ^^

Picture with Aussie Pete! Congrats for being WTH Winner for 2 years!

Picture with Elaine Chua! Congrats! Gong xi You won again! Haha

Group picture with Minister Chan Chun Sing

However, other than all these fun happening below the stage, there were exciting performances on stage too. The historical performances on stage give me a big laugh on it, especially the Cao Cao character! LOL!!! The performances was nice anywayโ€ฆ hahaha

Oh yeah! During the blog awards ceremony, bloggers were also welcome to share their live photo on the website using the LiveShare application. Haha very cool right? Yup, as time passed, the #SBA2011 top 14 categories result released.

Congraulations to the entire top 14 categories winner and also the 2 celebrity categories including local and oversea. At the same time, also congrats to Mint Leong and Eric Lim who won the best dressed awards of the day! Everyone did a great job in blogging and do remember to continue to blog more exciting and interesting blog post in future! With all, I call it a day.