Singapore Blog Awards 2010


Singapore Blog Awards 2010

Hey everyone! welcome back once again…As my promise to my friend, William, about his current blogging contest..Therefore, Today blog post abit special…3 things and it related to! haha…Check out more below now!

First of all, Singapore Blog Awards 2010 is back! Have you register for your blog? If no, Do hurry register now…lots of attractive prizes to be given out…haha…Just simply log on to sgblogawards website to register and at the same time, nominate for your favourite blogger! ^^ *I gonna register soon* haha

Next, The Y Bloggist 2010 Award. Last year, top 5 winner of Y bloggist had make their great effort in blogging…Likewise this year, the contest is back again..! haha Age got limit unlike the Singapore blog awards..haha but as long as you are STILL within Youth age, you can join! Check out more detail at their official website now: [Y Bloggist]

Last but not least, Introducing to everyone my friend, William…who make it into the Top 5 in the FnN Contest. Can see that he put in lots of effort in creating interesting and creativity blog post for his contest. haha..Do check out his FnN website to know more about the FnN contest detail and give him some support too!…Some prize to be won if you comment in his Post! haha…
Here are his url link:

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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