Singapore Blog Awards 2010 Ceremony – Final


Continue from my previous #sba2010 ceremony blog post (新加坡部落格大奖)! Congrats to all the winners of the night! haha…I guess by now, you guys know who the winners of Singapore blog awards 2010! Although didn’t win the first place but overall i enjoyed the competition and as i said, new friends met and new things learned! *Below here are the winners of the night*

Some happening on stage once again!

Alright, is time to update my friends here! haha glad to see most of the familiar faces at the awards night, including new and old friends. Nice meeting you people! Hope to see you guys pretty soon! ^^ *sharing some photo below here*

Daryll, Me, Yong Wei and Cheryl

Photo with Evelyn

Below this group photo is the picture where i have uploaded onto sharing section. Do Check it out here.

Me photo with Kadon, Yong wei,and Colour4canvas

Cheryl and I

Photo with Weiding

Photo with Alton

Photo with Jiaqi

Kadon and I

Me and William

Photo with Mint Leong

And here come Ris Low! hahaha…*Shingz*&*Boomz*

Singapore Blog Awards 2010 (新加坡部落格大奖) plan very successful. Some people ask me, are you excited? i definitely say YES! Because other than part of finalist, this also my first time attending omy blog award ceremony!

i hope next year still got chance to attend too! haha in fact, i can say that, everyone was the winner of that night. Hope you guys had enjoyed the ceremony! After all, i call it a day. *Smile*
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  1. OMG. I look so fat in the photo. 🙁 It was the angle of the photo taken la. Im actually much thinner. :p I should learn to post to look good on photo. Envy. U got so many friends to take pic with.