Singapore Blog Awards 2010 Ceremony – Part 1


Hello People! Welcome back to my blog! Woohoo… Been excited for the past few days, Thanks Everyone for the birthday wishes! Very glad see those birthday wish message from people who sent me through, sms, msn, facebook, twitter and my blog! A big thanks to you guys once again!

If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that 2 days back, i attended Singapore Blog Awards 2010 Ceremony (#sba2010) held at Movida St.James Power House this private event was organized by! Due to overload of picture taken, therefore today i will post about this event – part 1.

Met up with JianHao, Elaine, Joanna and her friends heading to St.James and we reached there around 4pm, saw full of media people and bloggers outside the St.James queuing for registration and photo taking at the red carpet area before entering St.James Power House.

Have you see me in the banner? haha! Yup! if you are my daily reader, you for sure will know that i am one the Y-bloggist 2010 finalist. *i did enjoy throughout the whole competition*! haha

Photo at red carpet area

Alright, lets enter the St.James now! Wow… Grand event whereby you can see everyone dress in their BLINGS! Beside chatting, eating and drinking with friends in this ceremony, you can even make a live blog post or live twitter update about the event, sharing the live happening to the whole world.

Foods was sponsored by Orange Clove! Yup, sound very familiar right…haha Yes! I attended their food and wine tasting before and i did mention that their food taste best…! haha… Glad to see orange clove people in this #sba2010 ceremony and have a nice chat with them too. ^^

Everyone was busying eating nice food

First of all, we have an opening speech by Mr Chim kang

Next, i will show you some happening on stage! haha…The model cat walk showcase on stage was awesome! Pretty and Handsome walking on stage and showing their best look of the night. *check out the picture below*

Remember my tweet saying that “Have you spotted me?” Saw many familiar faces as i walked along and met many new friends too. Get to Know more bloggers from different category and sharing the different topic with one another. Alright, next blog post photo will be more on me and my friends! Stay Tune!