Singapore Arts Festival 2012: Top 10 Highlight at Festival Village


Hi Readers! Welcome to the new week of MAY 2012 and guess what happening in Singapore from this May till next June? Yes! Its Singapore Arts Festival weeks!!! Here is your chance to visit and recap those awesome memories back in your life through the exhibition held allocated around the Singapore within the Singapore Arts Festival weeks.

However, as a part of Singapore Arts Festival 2012, there is a place you people must visit – the ‘Festival Village’ which will be held at the Esplanade Park from 18 MAY till 02 June 2012. Thus, below here are the top 10 highlighted interested fact about the festival this year.

Last but not least, I hope you people have fun and enjoy visiting the Festival Village this year! To find out more information about the Festival Village and Singapore Arts Festival 2012, do visit: