Simple Ways to Lead a Slower-Paced Life for Ultimate Wellness

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Slower-Paced Life for Ultimate Wellness

Singapore now has the most confirmed COVID-19 cases in South East Asia with over 21,000 cases, meaning quarantine and social distancing practices are in full effect. From working at home to studying online, the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore has ground to a screeching halt as many are adapting to a new normal while stuck at home. However, a slower-paced life might just prove to be preferable for many. With that said, here are three ways you can continue to lead a slower-paced lifestyle, even after the pandemic is over.

Spending quality time with loved ones

One of the keys to leading a slower-paced life includes being present in the moment by disconnecting from the internet and other forms of technology. Instead of spending time on the computer or social media, disconnecting by spending time with your family can offer an optimal solution to being present. Plus, it presents the opportunity for connecting in a completely different way through quality family bonding.

Family bonding time can actually be great for mental health — in fact, one study found that those who have a strong support system of family and friends report having a greater sense of meaning in life. With that in mind, one way to connect with your family and friends is through a game night. A game night can not only be a great way to blow off steam but can allow family members and friends to connect and make positive memories. Not only that, but it can also be a unique way to build communication. Role-playing fantasy adventure games such as Dungeons and Dragons can be an ideal game for game nights for both younger and older individuals alike, and can also involve into a hobby, as well.

Investing in hobbies

Living a slower-paced life means taking time away from daily stressors, such as work, studies, and other forms of stress. With that in mind, one of the best ways to do so is by taking the time to invest in your hobbies and indulge in them at the fullest. Not only can spending time painting, gardening, or crafting help you to have an outlet for your feelings, but it can help you to lose track of time by focusing on something other than stressful obligations and allowing you to do something that you truly enjoy, which might otherwise be difficult to find time for.

Appreciating nature

Due to quarantine and social distancing, many Singaporeans may have found themselves completely shut indoors, which means many haven’t been able to go outside and visit parks, or even exercising outdoors, either. After COVID-19, it’s important that we take the time to appreciate nature like never before — whether it be by visiting the park or simply spending time sitting outdoors. Even having a houseplant within your home can act as a peaceful addition, and can help add to leading a slower-paced life by allowing you to appreciate nature in daily life.

Not only is nature peaceful to be around in general, but spending time outdoors has proven health benefits, including the ability to increase mood and even reduce disease. In fact, research from the University of East Anglia has shown that exposure to green spaces can actually reduce the risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as reduce high blood pressure and even stress.

After the coronavirus pandemic, taking the time to lead a slower-paced life can be beneficial to many Singaporeans. Thankfully, this can be achieved in several different ways, such as spending quality time with family members and friends, investing in hobbies, and even appreciating the nature around us.