Simple Life Fantastic Moment


Its time to sleep and it’s time to wake up! My wonderful weekend just pass and now is a start of my brand new week. Hence, this also means that my exam is coming in 3 days time. There is three more exam paper I need to take before the end of my this semester! Woot!

If you have followed my twitter or path, you guys will know that recently I been attending events and meeting up with my usual clique. It was an excitement moment with my friends whereby we attended the same events together for the past 4 days.

From Reebok party, Guinness Live, Singapore Airshow 2012, Social Media Week and Super Junior SS4 Concert, I want to thanks to the organizer in-charge who have been inviting and sponsoring me for these events which gave me an awesome eye-opened golden opportunity to learn and know new things happening in my life.

Recently I been addicted to the use of Path application, I was amaze by its photo effect as well as the connection of publishing a short shout-out from Path. It makes my life more convenience in sharing my great moment to my audience/readers. Totally Love it! Well, you guys might be asking me, why not using instagram? Reason is because I am an android user. Hahaha… Fun!

Don’t worries, for today blog post the pictures won’t be synchronize with the paragraph text! I have nothing much to say for today, basically I’m just enjoying for the past few days and going to start preparing mugging for exam this week. Hoping that March would come even faster! Yay! Wish me Good Luck!

Life can be simple, it’s just that people made it complicated.