SHINE Youth Festival 2011 Media Conference

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Hi Readers! Sharing some exciting event here!!! SHINE Youth Festival is back this year in July and last Wednesday got invited to attend their press media conference at Scape Wavehouse. By getting Bigger and Bolder, Shine Youth Festival encourages 250,000 youths to “Just do”.

During the media conference, Mr. Martin Tan (Chairperson of Shine Youth Festival) and Mr.Eric Chua (Co-Chairperson of SHINE 2011 Organizing Committee) had shared and revealed the latest detail about how Shine Youth Festival going to celebrate in town this year and it will be happening on the 2nd July, Saturday at *Scape.

Well readers, don’t be surprise, you are still young as in the youth age is starting from 15 to 35 years old. The purpose of this Shine Youth Festival is to gather all the youth in Singapore together at one place and celebrate with the youth passion spirits.

Likewise, it’s not only talking about celebration but with this festival, it also wants to encourage those youth to showcase their talent to the public, by giving them a chance to perform and outcast their professional talent.

The wonderful award-winning Acapella and beat-box group’s Juz B has did a short beat-box Acapella performance on stage during the media conference. This group of guy was talented with their mouth and their performance went smooth and successfully for the quick start of this conference.

Followed up, we have seen the Singapore street festival highlight hip-hop performance by The Roses which consists of 4 girls who have the hip-hop dance passion performing on stage.

Next, we have our Mascot Parade Ltd highlight on the showcase of our local Cosplayers on stage. Seeing them how cool their dress up is and interacting with the audience with their cosplay style. Well, all I can say that cosplay is fun!

The challenging part in this cosplay is not only how cool or pretty you can be but it’s how unique you can showcase to the audience. It brings you up to another level from being “Shy” to “brave” and to become a confidence person.

This year, SHINE’s marquee partners – O School, Mascot Parade, Singapore Street Festival, SMU, and new (5th) addition –*SCAPE, will band together to bring about the most exhilarating youth festival yet!

The highlight of the event itself on that day include COSMO Youth Parade whereby youth will cosplay their favourite character and marching along the orchard street, The Big Groove (TBG) showcase performance, magic performance, streets & hip hop dance performance, Ballooning Blitz by SMU student and night concert whereby our local superstar artists such as Derrick Hoh, Tay Kewei, JuzB will be performing.

Reowned comedy magician, Kiki Tay Magic Performance

On top of that, by adopting the “Enough talk Just do” for youth, during media conference it also unveiled the SHINE facebook game called “Power 2 Shine”. This game is to test whether how fast and your endurance by overcome all the obstacles you might be facing, challenges yourself against the zombies and lastly by completing the mission given within the shortest time.

Took a picture with the Mario hat 🙂

Last but not least, on the 2nd of July itself, I am encouraging everyone to join in this youth celebration at Scape orchard. Yes! Enough Talk, Just Do! July is the month for you to show out your attitude to the whole world. Celebrate the month of youth and have fun on that day everyone! *Smiles*