SHINE Youth 2011 Festival Closing Ceremony


After one month of exciting youth events, Shine Youth 2011 Festival has come to its closing ceremony. Very glad I am able to attend the closing ceremony at Vivocity golden village last Saturday and good to see many familiar faces too.

Cool people met at this formal event and nice foods and drink were being served. This year, Shine Youth make an eyes-opening toward all the audience and with this ceremony; there was an awards presentation by giving the awards to the STAR of Shine winner.

Picture with Clarence and Terence

With my G+ team members

Woot! I got interview by Shine! Believe anot! Hahaha… By walking down the wonderful red carpet, Spot light and camera flash keep shining on my face… *Feel like a superstar* lol…

A handshake with host of the night!

Inside one of the cinema theater for the Star Awards presentation

Speech were given for the closing ceremony before announcing the winner

Congratulation to all Shine Youth winners this year! Keep up your fanciful talents and Shine to the whole world one day! Haha… Make yourself proud with your unlimited talents you have in your life.

Lastly, the ceremony ended with screening the Captain America the first avenger movie! Nice catching up my GlitteratiPlus members and hope to see you guys soon! We got talent too and our talent is blogging! Hahaha *Smiles*