Sembawang Camp Naval Diving Unit Visit


Woohoo! Last Sunday was an eye-opener for me! I visited the Sembawang Camp Naval Diving Unit (NDU) with a group of blogger friends, thanks to MINDEF Public Affairs for the invitation whereby I had a golden opportunity to explore and experience the NDU training system.

The event started off with a briefing about what Naval Diving Unit (NDU) does and showing a NDU Corporate Video, followed by a showcase of the training that NDU divers go through at the Pool Dynamic Display.

NDU Divers showcase at Pool Dynamic Display

The NDU Divers Team

Throughout the visit, we had also seen the NDU’s equipment display and after the clear explanation from the officer, I had gain a better understanding knowledge about the NDU’s equipment and the purpose of using them too.

Here comes the fun part

Are you ready for a boat ride?

One of the highlight for this Naval Diving Unit tour was the RHIBS Ride whereby we got an opportunity to go for a ride on the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBS). This was awesomeness! My first time in life touring around the Singapore sea with RHIBS and I find that it was a great and cool experience! After the whole Naval Diving Unit tour… In my opinion, I would like to say that Naval team is an important part of Singapore defend!!

Hello all!

Group picture on Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

I have a fruitful tour at Naval Diving Unit Sembawang Camp!