Scalp treatment in 6 steps by 99 Percent Hair Studio Haji Lane

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Have you ever encountered oily hair or itchy scalp? If yes, you might need to go for a hair and scalp analysis. Do you know that the common scalp problems may due to poor nutrition, dandruff, or even ringworm fungal infection? Well, a regular hair and scalp maintenance will prevent you from getting those issues.

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People often thought that the hair and scalp treatments can be done in one session, however it is not! Depending on your hair and scalp conditions, some people may take up to 6 months for a complete heal. Which means is about 5 to 6 sessions.

scalp treatment 99 percent hair studio

Thanks to my creative hairstylist, Katherine from 99 Percent Hair Studio, for enlightens me on the scalp issues. I am delighted by the efficient scalp treatment process offers by 99 Percent Hair Studio. The hair and scalp treatments help to get rid of dandruff and simultaneously, it also helps to normalize oil secretion and delivers essential oils, in result giving you a better hair growth.

This video will show you the 6 steps that I went through from my scalp treatment:

1: Apply the cleansing gel and wait for 5mins to soften the dirt and oil on the scalp.
2: Exfoliate and wash with scalp treatment shampoo.
3: Apply PH balance mask on the scalp to balance oil levels and ph value.
4: Process for 15 minutes.
5: Rinse off with cold water
6: Apply an energy serum for the scalp to replenish nutrients and vitamins for better hair growth and to prevent hair loss.

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Having healthy hair give you an overall confidence and it is definitely important! Start maintaining your hair and scalp now with 99 Percent Hair Studio! The hair care services start from S$89.

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