Samsung GALAXY Tab S Review

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Woohoo! Guess what on my hand today! It’s the new Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE in Dazzling White, an impressive and capable gadget added in my daily lifestyle!

I am so amazed by their Super AMOLED display screens which deliver an outstanding vibrant colour and deeper contrast in every photo and video I view on the tablet. As result, it gives me a better viewing experience.

Example: Photo view WITHOUT Super AMOLED Display

Example: Photo view WITH Super AMOLED Display!

See the difference? 😉

Well, do not worry about the battery life! Super AMOLED screen display will not drain up all your battery life easily. The Samsung GALAXY Tab S is able to support battery life up to 9 hours long for normal web surfing, photo viewing and gaming. Didn’t that amazing? ^^

Samsung GALAXY Tab S is available two versions (LTE/WIFI®), the 8.4” and 10.5”screen sizes, sleek rounded corner slim design and light weight target for consumers’ portability and convenient use. I am glad that with this premium feature, I felt lightness whenever I carrying them around to attend an event or even my workplace for presentation.

The next feature I want to highlight is the Multi Window function inbuilt in this gadget. This feature allows me to complete multiple tasks easily on one screen. For example, I can do my presentation slides and concurrently I can enjoy watching my favourite drama on the YouTube.  Alternative, you can video chat with your friends and at the same time do web surfing too. I pretty love this function because I am the type of person who likes to complete things fast. With this, I am able to speed up my work and complete the tasks given on time.

5 Benefits of using Samsung GALAXY Tab S:
– Images come to alive with Super AMOLED screen.
– Allow you to do multi-tasking in one screen
– Sleek and lightweight.
– Perfect gadget for leisure web surfing and work presentation use.
– Longer battery life up to 9hrs for web browsing

Retail Price for Samsung GALAXY Tab S:
– GALAXY Tab S (8.4″) LTE: SGD 698
– GALAXY Tab S (8.4″) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
– GALAXY Tab S (10.5″) LTE: SGD 948
– GALAXY Tab S (10.5″) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

Stay tune for my next post which will be sharing 
two more useful features in Samsung GALAXY Tab S! ^^
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