Samsung Flip Singapore Korean International School into a modern and digital institute

Samsung Flip

Samsung transformed the SKIS (Singapore Korean International School) into a modern and digital institute by deploying Samsung Flip.

Samsung FlipSamsung’s interactive digital flip charts have been added to classrooms and other facilities within SKIS; changing the design of the facilities as well as the way teachers and students communicate during and after curricular activities.

Benefits for using the Samsung Digital Flipchart:
  • A smart, fully-engaged, real-time education tool.
  • Teachers can simply begin their class by sharing content from a mobile phone, laptop or tablet on the 55-inch digital screen.
  • Up to 4 different participants are able to create content or annotate directly on the screen at the same time.

Singapore Korean International School

Content presented on the Flip is clear and crisp, allowing students to easily remain engaged during class. Teachers are given the flexibility to transform any location into a classroom setting with the Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand. Once class is over, teachers are able to easily send notes to the students; themselves or the parents via e-mail or a cloud-based share drive.