RSN50@Vivo: Republic of Singapore Navy’s 50th Golden Jubilee celebrations at VivoCity


Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) returns VivoCity with Golden Jubilee celebrations this year. Marking RSN’s 50th anniversary, the event showcases the RSN’s journey from the past to the present; which allow us to punch above our weight as a respected force internationally.

Republic of Singapore Navy

Visitors will have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the RSN’s ships, weapon and equipment through the exhibition. Simultaneously, visitors will also a get chance to interact with the servicemen and women who play a vital role in the Defence of Singapore. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the highlights here:

Ride the Waves

Ship Tours and Fast Craft Rides
The RSN’s Formidable-class stealth frigate as well as fast craft will be docked at VivoCity Promenade. Visitors can hop aboard RSS Intrepid, one of the Navy’s most advanced fighting ships, to gain an insight to life at sea and the warship’s voyages around the world. Visitors can also enjoy a ride on the Fast Craft Utility, which takes them on a journey through Singapore’s maritime heritage.

RSN Fast Craft Rides

Hands to Action Stations

Ever imagined what it is like to sail through the Singapore Strait or dive below its surface? At the simulator stations, visitors can go on patrol with the RSN’s newest littoral mission vessel and stop a small boat attack in Singapore’s busy waterways, or experience the difficulty and thrill of navigating a submarine to launch an attack on a hostile naval warship while remaining undetected.

RSN weapon displays

Capability Display
A highlight for military geeks; weapons and equipment from the Navy’s arsenal like the Typhoon guns, Combatant Craft Medium, ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, K-STER expendable mine disposal vehicle, MP5 A3 Submachine Gun, HK 416 Assault Rifle and even a Harpoon Surface-to-Surface Missile will be on display.

Naval Traditions and Customs
Navies around the world have established a strong heritage with naval traditions and customs. Landlubbers – or those unfamiliar with the sea – can find out more about sailor speak, learn about the milestones of a ship from birth to decommissioning, try their hand at basic rope work, and even test their knowledge of naval flags.

Navy Souvenirs
Bring home a memento from RSN50@Vivo. Visitors can collect exclusive Navy souvenirs by completing a Naval Explorer Kit, while children can also have their picture taken in kid-sized Navy uniforms.

On Deck

Ceremonial Sunset
The Singapore flag and naval ensign, or our navy’s colours, are raised every morning. As day crosses to night, witness our sailors in their No.1 uniform conduct one of the oldest naval traditions on the deck of RSS Intrepid, in a ceremonial lowering of the ensign at sunset.

RSN Ceremonial Sunset

RSN Ceremonial Sunset Singapore

Performances are scheduled at VivoCity Central Court twice a day. Catch the elite Naval Diving Unit as they demonstrate their strength, willpower, and endurance in the gruelling boat physical training, which involves heaving 80kg dinghies while doing push-ups, pull-ups, tosses and squats. Also look out for precision drills by the National Cadet Corps, and special performances by children from PAP Community Foundation as they perform stories from our Ahoy, Navy! series of children’s books.

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