Ricola Natural Relief Honey Lemon and Swiss Cherry


Ricola launches new Natural Relief, to help maintain your voice in optimal condition and alleviate the symptoms of coughs and colds, congested nose and irritated throats. The new range of Ricola Natural Relief comes with two flavours; Honey Lemon and Swiss Cherry giving consumer a soothing and refreshing taste.

Each Honey-Lemon herb drop candy, specially made for maintenance of the voice, takes you on a trip to a mountain meadow at the foot of the beautiful Swiss. Like a mountain stream that meanders through the lush mountain meadows, you end in the sunny alpine landscapes with the evolvement of the pleasantly refreshing syrup filling that pampers the palate and throat to keep one’s vocal chords at its optimal.

Each Swiss Cherry herb drop candy is developed for cough and throat irritation – taking you on a trip to a cherry orchard, and completing the journey in the peaks of the Swiss Alps with the evolvement of the refreshing syrup filling, just like a cool mountain waterfall, stimulating the palate and throat. The candy shell’s cherry content also helps to alleviate discomfort in the throat with flavoursome freshness.

To ensure optimum product freshness and hygiene, the new Ricola NATURAL RELIEF comes in individually-wrapped pillow packs housed in a distinctively-designed paper box packaging that is convenient to consume anytime you need them.

Ricola NATURAL RELIEF is now available at all supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies island-wide pricing at S$3.75 per box.