Revive – Homegrown Healthy Snack Brand in Singapore That Sell Granola, Overnight Oats and Natural Nut Butters!

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Revive Singapore

Searching for handmade granolas in Singapore? Revive granola is handmade with 100% clean, and nutritious ingredients that are free from preservatives! More wholesome and cleaner than mass-produced options and freshly made right here in Singapore, making it planet-friendly and sustainable compared to brands that travel long distances to get here.

Whether you are trying to adopt a wholefood, plant-based lifestyle, or simply wanting more options for healthy snacks in your diet, Revive granola is the answer. Their granolas are made from wholefoods, naturally flavoured, free from preservatives, stabilizers, and additives. The best part? They don’t use any refined sugar, comes in big chunky clusters, and packed with generous amounts of nuts and seeds.

How do you enjoy them? Eat them right out from the bag, on your Greek Yoghurt Parfait, and add them to your Chia Pudding or Smoothie Bowl for that extra crunch.

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You might be wondering if granola is all that Revive stocks, the answer is no. Apart from granola, Revive has got Overnight Oats and Natural Nut Butters – making them the to-go place for healthy snacks!