Review: Wooster and Jeeves in Perfect Nonsense at Capitol Theatre


Ever watched a comedy live? Wooster and Jeeves are back in Singapore! What that means for you is a hilarious time of old British humor if you can appreciate it. The accent may require some getting used to but if the male actors’ impressions of old ladies don’t crack you up, probably nothing will. With exaggerated movements, a dose of silliness on the part of the actors and their stage props, the play will leave you in laughter.

Watch the story unveil before your eyes as Bertie Wooster both narrates and acts out his recount with the help of two other characters, Jeeves and Seppings, the butler. With just three actors, they manage to pull off an entire play juggling the roles of many others through what is seemingly an ordinary day in the life of Bertie Wooster.