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The Place i will visit again

Hello people…Once again, it back to weekday. Is your weekend past very fast? If yes, you are living in this normal world. haha…If you have followed my twitter..You will know that last sunday i went to sentosa IR, visited casino,hard rock hotel, festival hotel and the shopping mall there. Whole IR not fully open yet and tats why my title i wrote ‘The Place i will visit again’!

Sentosa Really change alot for the past few years. This Year 2010, Sentosa IR, the universal studio is opening next week! Are you excited to have a ride on it? Well, if you have entered for the first time, you will realize by the time u come out, your camera battery might be flat…lols

Few Reason for me wanna go back and visit the place again!…First of all, i wanna go back there and buy Hershey’s Key Size Chocolate! haha..This chocolate actually taste not bad…been eating all along during my schooling days…

Next, Photo and Video Shoot at the luxury building and places. After explore for few hours, i realize some part of the places actually very suitable for film. People wont recognize out so easy if you change an angle view in it…

Have you been to Casino Car Park? Pretty cool right…Like the colour the mix with spot light all along the road…

Anyway, Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is opening at 18 march 2010, 8:28AM. Tickets for Adult is selling at $66 for weekday and $72 for weekend. Will update more once i visit my second time.

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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