Red Numbers Movie Review


Thank You Kanny for the invitation to Red Numbers Movie Gala at The Cathay last evening. I had an enjoyable evening catching up with my friends at the premiere event refreshment and watching an awesome film too. Good to see them again! ^^

Red Numbers Movie Review:
Singapore local film – Red Numbers Movie directed by Director Dominic Ow and with the awesome cast performance in this movie, I would say that Red Numbers is a movie which contains great storyline, climax of excitement and local humor. It is a movie related to 4D numbers and showing you how luck changes a life. However, at the same time, it also embraces a powerful kind of moral of story in this film.

一命二运三风水。How many 4D numbers can you guess a day or how lucky can you be in this world? Sometime in life we must depend on luck, in order to make thing goes smoothly but however, facing the reality is the most important in our life. Red Numbers is a very meaningful and warm-hearten movie and is recommended for all age and gender. I rate Red Numbers Movie 3.5/5 star. Red Numbers Movie will be releasing on 22 Feb 2013 at Cathay Cineplexes Cinema Theater.

Red Numbers Movie Synopsis:
How lucky are you – or are you not? That’s the question Red Numbers asks.
The story revolves around a guy who, according to a Fengshui master, only has three lucky minutes in his miserable life. His fortune is wrapped up with a greedy family whose grandfather – dead or alive, nobody knows for sure, holds the key to the winning combination in the 4D lottery.
Three minutes, four numbers, a lot of money – or maybe not.