PUMA Social Club Finale


Hi readers! Welcome back to my blog! Have you notice the Puma Social Club Finale picture I posted on my twitter, weibo and facebook? Yup! Today will be sharing this Puma social club finale event which I attended last week at Mount Sophia Old School!

Party after busy school and work schedule was the most relaxing timing ever. In this puma finale party, I brought my good friend, William along to this event and thank him for taking those nice pictures throughout the whole event.

So, continue from the Puma Social Party, what’s happening inside here? As you can see the usual table tennis and football game were held for everyone to mingle around with one another. However, FUN moment always started late! haha

2 host of the day

Artiste were there to support the Puma Social Club Finale too!

As party started, some of the artiste was told to have a friendly table tennis competition among them. Group of people crowded around the area to see and cheer for their favourite idol during the competition time. *Interesting match*

Well, I am inside as well as outside the Media/VIP area whereby many artistes will gather inside here for some mini game and chill out session with their friends. *Chilling out can’t go without a cup of drinks* Enjoy taking pictures with many friends there too!

Forgot to mention that, Glitteratiplus bloggers were invited there to give a support for PUMA Social Club Finale! Thanks Nuffnang and Puma for the invitation! Hope you guys had enjoyed the event! *Smiles*

Guess what! See who I met during the puma event, Yup is 蔡淳佳!!! Got a chance to take picture with our famous Singapore female singer – 蔡淳佳 (Joi Chua)! hahaha

Picture with Thiang and Terence

Picture with Christina and William

Picture with Terence and Darren

Picture with Angie

Picture with Claire – Finally she attend event! lol

Smile and stay happy!

Picture with Mayrine

New friend’s Z met during the event

Pretty model from Texas/Taiwan! She look like SNSD’s Yoona!

Picture with Romeo Tan from star search

Woot! Met Diya and Carrie Yeo at the Puma event again! haha

Picture with Shine Koh

Picture with Dawn and Le Yao

Picture with Irene Ang

Yeah! Zheng Huan was there!

Last but not least, picture with Adeline!

Picture of Myself! lol

Of course, there are more pictures you can find it on my facebook! haha… It’s awesome fun to gather with good friends around! The most enjoyable moment was playing table tennis with the G+ bloggers and also chit chat with them. haha.. Glad to see everyone there and hope to see you guys soon! 🙂


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