Project Week-End


As my title said: ‘Project Week-End’ it also mean “my Project week with an END or without an END” It’s saturday weekend and here come the time to finish up the project for my group presentation next week! Great to say that, 2 project is almost done, just a little bit of touch up will do.

Few days back, straight after our last lesson, me and my 2 other classmate stay back awhile and we played with some camwhore function through the laptop.. lols… i think we took more than 50 shot? Anyway, i still waiting for the photo to be uploaded on facebook.. *So will blog about it once i receive the picture* =)

If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that my recent project is something do with filming! Yes and i love it alots.. haha.. My group consist of 4 member (Justin, Desmond, Arif and Me), we did a film on stressful working life.. Monday will be our presentation, hope everything goes smooth!…haha..

Basically, our filming process was pretty fun, especially when it came to the NG part.. i can’t stop laughing while replaying the NG scene. Yup! Video was directed, edited and produced by me, It’s a simple short video but contain hidden meaning toward everyone 🙂

Not to forget to say that, during the editing and producing process, Coffee was the only drink to keep me awake for the past few day.. haha reason was because i edited through at night till midnight.. *feel sleepy but must keep myself awake*

Till now, i have completed my video! *Yay* *clap clap* Maybe i will upload through either to my facebook or youtube.. If you are interested to see the video, do stay tune for more update.

Alright, i shall end here for today… this blog post is marked as number #996 post! 4 more to go 1000th!! More interesting update coming up next… Be right back soon! ^^

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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