Pointed Sky Along Life


Pointed Sky Along Life

Random Fact #1: School Project
Project week has started yet i haven start doing my project…Although Storyboard has complete but the real process in model out the object still in pending…lols..For Flash, i decided to make flash website…Recently was playing with flash game coding…has been debug quite a number of code error but it was fun as in everyone working in a group with the same game and helping one another to debug error.

Random Fact #2: KBox This weekend
This week gonna be 4 days of school…Tml (wednesday) my rest day but will be attending an event with friend in the evening…Looking forward to this weekend for singing session..haha…After stressing 4 days or 5 days of school, i think is time to get out and sing some song to keep self relax abit…haha…

Random Fact #3: Chinese New Year coming
Chinese New Year coming in 25 days time! 25 days is very short…The only thing i know is that after CNY week is my project submit deadline…omg time come really fast…haha…Anyway, Have you guys shop for CNY clothes,shirt,dress stuff? Me recently want to shop but somehow dunno why, feel so lazy…zzz…lols..I think will try to get some shirt ready by this week or latest next weekend…

Random Fact #4: I type the rest in few days time
Just the fact that typing all my random stuff out here…I decided to save some random fact in later part of my blog post…haha..Oh yes..These 2 picture in my post is i capture yesterday outside my house..haha…Alright is pretty late now..i shall end my post here! Good Night and Good Morning Everyone 🙂

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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