Plantronics BackBeat Go2 Review


Previously, I have done a review on Plantronics BackBeat Go through SAFRA and now that I got my hands to lay on the BackBeat Go 2 bundle that comes with the charging case (worth $199), I shall do a comparison review between the 2 generations. 

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2BundleSet.jpg

The Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 has further enhance the user’s listening experience with the improvision made. Not only that the sound quality has improved much with it high-fidelity audio, but it is now sweat-proof and water resistant!!! But mind you, water-resistant is not equivalent to waterproof, so don’t try wear the headset underwater nor try to dunk your headset in water.
The inline remote / microphone controller buttons of the Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 has been redesigned and with protruding buttons. This allows one to press on the controls more easily to to take calls, skip tracks, and adjust volume.

An added feature for Backbeat Go 2 is that, there’s now a voice prompts to alert you of the headset status, whether it is connected / disconnected, and as well as, the battery level! Cool isn’t it? There is even headset battery meter that shows onscreen for IOS devices. 

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-connectedtoiPhone.jpg

With the bundle set, you get a gorgeous charging case pouch which allows you to store your headset nicely when not in use, love it to the MAX!!! This is essential for people like me, who’s always on the move, no more fear of battery dropped dead on me without having mentally prepared. A quick charge of 20 minutes allows you 1 hour of listening time. 

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-withChargingCase.jpg

And you can easy check on battery level of the charging case by pressing the battery icon on the case. 3 blue LED blinks will means a fully charged case and if you see red LED blinks, it will mean the battery level is low. 

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2CheckingChargingCasebatterylevel.jpg

Another new feature is the “DeepSleep hibernation mode” that allows the headset to hold a charge for up to six months, so there’s no need to worry about the battery being drained out if you have not been using them for weeks. 

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-StoringinChargingCase.jpg

As an overall, I loved the improved Plantronics BackBeat Go 2, especially for its added features. While it is now available in additional white colour, I would love to see it in other colours as well.