PizzaExpress Singapore Introduces Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza and Pineapple ‘Tarts’

Pizza Express CNY

This Lunar New Year, usher in the Huat with PizzaExpress’ Chinese New Year menu that includes limited-time only exclusive creations like the Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza, heroing Chinese New Year staples – fragrant pork bak kwa and shrimp crackers (hae bee hiam crackers) – and other oriental ingredients such as pork floss, spring onion, Chinese coriander and sweet plum sauce. Another show-stopper is their Pineapple Dough Balls – PizzaExpress’ rendition of the quintessential pineapple tarts, made with their signature dough balls that we all know and love.

Perfect for sharing, these new dishes, available from 24 Jan to 28 Feb 2022 for dine-in, takeaway and islandwide delivery will add to the festive atmosphere and be a hit at your next visiting. With PizzaExpress’ motto of serving food made with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, have a peace of mind while snacking on these unique Chinese New Year goodies.

Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza

Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza ($32.80)

Distinct, robust and full with umami flavours, the Bak Kwa Pizza is a stunner that features key ingredients in Chinese New Year celebrations. A thin and crispy pizza crust serves as a vessel for housemade passata and grilled peppers alongside savoury pork bak kwa, shrimp crackers (hae bee hiam crackers), pork floss, spring onion, Chinese coriander and sweet plum sauce. All pulled together with stringy mozzarella, every bite of the pizza promises big flavours with a touch of familiar comfort.

Pineapple Dough Balls

Pineapple Dough Balls ($9.80)

PizzaExpress’ iconic doughballs that are a hit amongst both adults and children gets a revamp this January! Adopting the role of the quintessential pineapple tarts on the snack table, PizzaExpress’ homemade pineapple chutney takes centre stage in this rendition. Brimming with natural sweetness and chunks of pineapple flesh, hints of spices add another dimension of flavour to this bite-size treat that is perfect as an appetizer or a dessert.

Tiger Prawn Scallop Spaghetti with X.O. Sauce

Tiger Prawn Scallop Spaghetti with X.O. Sauce ($31.80)

Seafood lovers will be enchanted with this pasta dish, where fresh sweet tiger prawns and scallops are juxtaposed with an umami X.O. cream sauce.

Match the New with the Old Classics

These soon-to-be new favourites would pair perfect with existing signatures such as the Half Half Pizza featuring 2 different flavours of American Hottest with a medley of spicy peppers, and the good ol’ classic Margherita.

Cleanse the palate after the strong flavours with the Leggara Superfood (S$16) salad filled with superfoods and antioxidants. Cucumber, avocado, lentils butternut squash, fresh mozzarella, beetroot and fresh basil sit atop a bed of rocket and mixed mesclun salad. Mixed with a rich and complex balsamic syrup then crowned with crunchy pine kernels for added texture, this salad will be the furthest thing from ‘boring’. Pasta lovers will also delight in the indulgent Linguine Granchio con Panna (S$24) featuring a generous serving of juicy crabmeat in a slightly spicy cream sauce, crowned with caviar for a touch of luxe.

End your meal on a sweet note with a variety of desserts like the Big Bad Brownie (S$10) – a deconstructed dessert with Chocolate brownie chunks served with vanilla gelato, cream, crunchy pistachio and caramel sauce. Purists can opt for the Tiramisu (S$11) that features soaked sponge fingers layered with coffee, cocoa, cream and mascarpone.