Personalized Christmas Greetings with Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box


This Christmas, F&N Fruit Tree Fresh gives everyone the reason to feel all warm and fuzzy inside with the F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box mobile application which helps send a personalized message to friends, family and loved ones accompanied by a classic Christmas jingle to make it all more special – for FREE!

To start sending Christmas greetings for the festive season with this mobile application, please see the easy step-by-step guide listed below:

  1. Download ‘Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box’ on iTunes ( or Google Play Store (
  2. Start the application and begin by writing your personalized Christmas greeting
  3. Choose a song from the list of five popular Christmas tunes or create your own jingle
  4. Tap on the glowing F&N Musical Fruit Buddies to play the tune and simultaneously record your voice message
  5. Once the Christmas song is played, the personalized message will be saved into your mobile device.
  6. Send these message to your loved ones via any instant messaging application.