Our Virgin Trip to Singapore Istana


During Deepavali, the Istana was having an open house. Singaporeans and permanent residents entry was free of charge whereas foreigners have to pay an extra $1 to enter. We decided to tour around the Istana for the first time and before we could enter we had to undergo security checks. As usual, we placed our electronic gadgets including our wallet and watch into a tray for scanning purpose.

After the procedure, we begin the tour going up the slope. The green scenery was beautiful and refreshing. On our way up, we saw two huge swans which caught our attention. We had to cross the field to take a closer look at the swans. They were both camera shy and went away from the crowd, nevertheless, the long neck birds with white soft feathers look elegant.

After taking pictures of the swan, we went up to see what is happening around the Istana area. A couple of tents were set-up along the pathway, one of them was a bird exhibition which was organized by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The Bird Keepers were there to watch out the birds and entertain the crowds. The funny part was the parrot refused to say hello to the people, instead, it made us laugh by saying lalala in a cute and tender voice.

Next, the atmosphere was lifted with a group of school band performing the theme song ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. After the performance we continue with the tour. I noticed that there were different types of flowers around thus making the surrounding looks beautiful.

Hpility, the professional photographer took the opportunity to capture quite a number of shots of those flowers. We move on to another location where the fountain is located. Every time I see a fountain, my mind is always diverted to the fountain of youth in Pirates Of Caribbean movie.

I know it is strange to think that way, Lol! Just a few meters away from the Istana main building, our president Dr Tony Tan and his wife were seated on chair watching a live performance. Apparently, on that day, marked the first time of our president hosted an Istana open house since he was elected to office in August.

We call it a day after the last check point at the main building and headed back to the exit. On our way down the moderate slope, we saw a statue and I couldn’t remember what was the name. Once again, the statue reminds me of another movie that I watched recently called ‘The Change-Up’.

I will not go further into that topic, find out yourself if you are curious haha. While walking down the slope, we saw the historical cannon and people in uniform marching. Finally we have reached the exit gate and left the Istana. Overall, it was a nice experience! *Smiles*

Blog Post Written by Danial Ihsan