Orange Caramel second mini album


If you guys know who are Kpop ‘After School’ i bet you guys sure know who ‘Orange Caramel’ too! Yess! Kpop Orange Caramel had released their second mini album and their cutest song “A~ing ♡” music video!

‘A~ing ♡’ music video remind me of fairytale story of a magical wonderland, is somehow like ‘Alice in the wonderland’ but this time round, Orange Caramel bring you into their ‘orange caramel in the wonderland’. Checkout the video below here!

Introducing the next song from Orange Caramel latest album ‘Standing in This Place’, Totally like this song alots! haha.. Quite a peaceful and relax music and lyrics sang by them with their cute voice. Hope this song brighten your days and enjoying listening too! Have a nice day ahead *Smile*